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Safety Comes First is a value at Phantom Logistics . Every Phantom driver, maintenance technician and corporate teammate understands the importance of embracing and living that value at Phantom. It is our unwavering commitment to our drivers, our families, our customers, and the public.

Safety is the guiding principle in our daily work and our long-term planning. We continuously implement and improve processes that support that obligation. Here are just a few examples that demonstrate actions taken to support our safety values: They have exceptional driving and performance histories and dedicate themselves to working with our drivers to help ensure they are safe and successful, providing unparalleled customer service to our valued clients and going home safely to their families every day. Together with increasing driver safety through maintenance is using thorough vehicle inspections to ensure all trucks are safe before drivers start driving. While pre-trip and post-trip inspections are required by the DOT, not just any inspection will do. To protect the safety of your drivers, use tools that ensure all inspections are thorough and accurately documented. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has identified distracted driving as the number one cause of accidents for truck drivers. Distracted driving is anything that causes a driver to take their eyes off the road or their hands off the steering wheel. Distractions can range from eating lunch while driving to turning out the window to stare at a billboard. But the most common form of distracted driving is cellphone usage, in particular texting while driving. If your vehicles are equipped with dual-facing dash cams that have artificial intelligence (AI) built in, like Keep trucking dash cams the camera can identify when a driver is distracted based on their head position (like if they’re looking down at their smartphone). Using this footage, you can coach drivers on how to correct their behaviors to avoid distractions and reduce their likelihood of causing an accident.

With a fleet management platform, like phantoms, that provides real-time GPS tracking you can always know the exact location of all your drivers. Real-time GPS is essential for ensuring the safety of your drivers, especially during breakdowns or other emergency situations. If a vehicle breaks down, it’s essential that you know its precise location so you’re able to assist the driver as soon as possible.

By knowing a driver’s exact location, you can either easily reroute them to the closest shop for a repair or can send a maintenance crew or tow truck directly to them. This ability to quickly and accurately respond to breakdowns means that you can reduce downtime and get your fleet back to work. Also, drivers won’t have to wait long hours off the side of the road, which can potentially put them at risk for collisions. The safety of your drivers really starts with the safety of the vehicles they’re in. Trucks and tractor trailers that aren’t up to date with their regular maintenance—like oil and brake pad changes—are more likely to break down on the road.